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God made us alive in Jesus Christ. He took us out of darkness into His marvellous light. To do the good works, He prepared for us before the foundation of the world.

1 Peter 2:9 – 10

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 10 Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

Reaching Out

These are some of the outreaches we’ve done. It is our passion to reach out to the poor and hungry through organising fellow Christians who is Alive for Jesus.

Christmas giving 2022 children’s ward at George hospital

This is our family’s journey on 24th December 2022 at the George Hospital. Visiting the children ward and staff to brighten up their day and bring the love of Jesus in a tangible way. Samantha Severi joined us after she travelled 16 hours by bus for the outreach.

Each girl received a teddy bear, and each boy received a car. Included in the giving was juice, chips, and chocolates. For the diabetic children we had sugar free sprite and zero sugar chocolate. Helium balloons,  stickers, and fridge magnets was part of the giving. Thank you, Jesus, for giving to us to be a blessing, our strength, love and joy!,

If you are led by the Spirit to give for the next outreach, then you are welcome to register or find the details for donations on our webpage under the following link:

Christmas giving 2022 Sonneblom Creche

In Hoekwil, near George we had a fantastic, sunny day. Izak started by explaining to the children that Jesus loves them and want to enter the door of their hearts to stay with them. Elmarie prayed a prayer for the children to invite Jesus into their hearts and into their lives. The children sang a song that Jesus loves them, whereafter we started to hand out the gifts and party packs. Thank you, Jesus, it was a privilege and joy for us to be used by You: to love and bring joy and gifts to Your wonderful children. We also thank the sponsors who given the party packs,  Topper’s cookies, stickers, and fridge magnets. Last but not least One Hope who gave: The 17 Stories Course through the bible with teacher’s manuals (7) and a puzzles for each child (70). The bible App for kids, book of hope. (70)

old age House JJ Watson

As a family we visited Huis JJ Watson Aged care in George on 18 June 2022. First we dried flowers and leaves and made bible verses. These bible verse cards were designed by our dad and printed on sticker paper. On the back of the cards, we pasted the flowers and leaves. The children thoroughly enjoyed picking the flowers and making the cards.

Together we visited the old age home and took some cake, muffins, and chocolates along. The children were a bit shy, but as we went on, they started to enjoy handing out the cards and giving out the muffins. Wow, these ladies enjoyed our company, especially giving hugs and kisses to the kids! We served tea, coffee, and cake, having conversations with each one.

We left refreshed, knowing we made a difference today. Also, we again thought the children, showing them, life is not all about what we make, but what we give. Thank you, Jesus!

Lagai Roi Missionary Nursery & Pre-school school: Brits

It was our desire to come back with friends and with a bigger blessing, after our first visit at the Lagai Roi school. By God’s grace we engaged +-20 people who sponsor 72 hotdogs, 62 tracksuits, 143kg food and vegetables, Juices & Biscuits and Christian Education materials from One Hope. Two of our friends visited with us on 3rd June 2022 to hand out all these blessings, what a joy it was.

Lagai Roi Missionary Nursery & Pre-school school: Brits

The challenges that faced this school, opening during January 2022 was the huge intake of 17 new 2-to-5-year children. We assisted by bringing some goodies for the kids. Skipping ropes, balls, Crayons, Bible story match cards, Christian movies, and something special for the teachers. With the visit Izak spoke to the children about Jesus who is with us and taking our hands to walk with us in life, and Elmarie said a prayer for all the kids to accept Jesus in their hearts. We would love to return by grace with friends in Christ to be a bigger blessing to this precious school, mom Linda (the headmaster), teachers and the children.

Christmas giving with children to the homeless: George

December 2021, George, South Africa.  With this charity we included our beloved family, Talya, Mateo and Leeva. We have learned so much about their personalities, and their little loving, giving hearts. The bible teaches us, involve the children with charities… Deuteronomy 6:7 You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. This is Christmas time, time of giving and showing love. Together we made up 10 bags, with different items, all in one big carry bag, giving them out to 10 homeless people.

Food parcels: Park Cottage Old Age Home in Betrams: Johannesburg

We and our amazing team of Emmanuel TV friends who served the Lord with us for years contributed food, to make up parcels for the residents of Park Cottage Old Age Home (2021 June). Included in the giving was Christian cards.  It was a cold winter morning, meeting with Betsie, but our hearts were warm with love. After completing the goody bags, we assist each person to carry the bags to their rooms. Each charity is a new experience, making history together.

Revamp school hall Dimphonyana Tsa Lapeng: Olievenhoutbosch

Together with 30 Emmanuel TV partners we blessed Mom Asnath and her daughter Shalate from Dimphonyana Tsa Lapeng “Little gifts of home”, June 2020. The school hall which also is used for church services needed attention. Together, by God’s grace the roof was repaired and together with the hall painted. Broken tiles inside and outside were fixed. New curtains were made, and rods provided. Brand new chairs bought to replace broken chairs. Mommy Asnath and some of the kids so happy about their new hall. It was such a special moment when the children run into their renovated hall, shouting thank you Jesus!

Feeding 30 households: Olievenhoutbosch

What an awesome day, June 2020! 30 Emmanuel TV Partners and friends joined us to be a blessing to the community. Each person bought that which the Lord put in their hearts to bring. As we enjoy packing 30 goody bags to give to the community of 30 households. They waited and watched in anticipation. After being addressed, each one of the 30 volunteers had the opportunity to hand over the parcel per household, one by one. Thank you, Jesus, our days and friends were written in Your Book.

Lighthouse Baby Shelter & Children’s Home: Johannesburg

On a special winter morning of June 2020 these Emmanuel TV partners and friends joined us in blessing the Lighthouse Baby Shelter & Children’s Home with food for the house, food for the street project and toys for the children. Izak and Elmarie handed over the towels to the children with their personalized embroidered names. We thank the Lord for the special women Mom Eleanor is, and for answering the Lord’s call to look after His babies and children.

What a wonderful day we had with mom Eleanor, coming together as friends to be a blessing with what the Lord has blessed us with! What a wonderful memory, enjoying the privilege to get together and give in the Lord’s kingdom.

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