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Tribute To Prophet TB Joshua

We want to give a tribute to our mentor and father in the Lord Prophet TB Joshua. We will forever be grateful towards the Lord that He led us to meet Prophet TB Joshua. The privilege to know him personally, and for all the opportunities he gave us to serve in his ministry – in the Lord’s kingdom.

He was a godly man, deeply devoted to Jesus Christ, a man of integrity and character. A very big part of us, what we are today, what we say and do is what the Lord Jesus Christ deposited and build into us through Prophet TB Joshua.

He taught us that someone need what we have in our hand, the value and joy of being a solution to those in need. The importance to psychically be involved in your giving. By grace we were part of some of his crusades and charities nationally and internationally.


Prophet TB Joshua mentored and trained 5 prophets on his premises. They stayed with him for more than 20 years. Looking, learning, and leading with him. We have the highest respect for these prophets: Racine, Yinka, Chris, Angela, and Anne.

The Lord ushered them to start their own ministries. Find their websites below.

Prophet Racine: and

Prophet Chris:

Prophetess Yinka:

Prophetess Anne:

Prophetess Angela: TBA

Nigeria SCOAN

Crusade in Paraguay 2017

Crusade Santa Domingo 2017

Meeting in England 2019

Meeting in Israel, Nazareth 2019

South Africa

Our Award

Prophetess Anne (Essence of Worship Enterprises) gave us a Honourary Award for our contribution to the “Give your love” Charity Challenge on 23 April 2022, during prophetess Anne’s new album launch. This is very special and dear to us. View the full event of the prophetesses Yinka and Anne’s 2 days of Refreshing & Live Concert on the YouTube channel “Official prophetess Anne”.

Our Award


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